7th Sep - 10th Sep 2021
P&J Live, Aberdeen, UK

Keynote Programme

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Keep in touch to discover the 2021 Keynote topics and programme. In the meantime, here are the topics we covered in 2019.


Tens of billions will be spent on decommissioning over the next few decades, bringing new opportunities to innovate, reduce costs and develop valuable expertise and skills.

Underwater Innovation

In oil and gas there is a concomitant drive towards standardisation, industrialisation and vendor lead solutions to reduce development cost, and the ambition of longer tiebacks.

Transformative Technologies

This session investigated some of the key technologies companies are developing and adopting to lower their carbon footprint.


This session addressed both the opportunity and the challenge of introducing Artificial Intelligence into the Oil & Gas Industry. 

Security issues

The rapid ramp up of the flow of digital data from drilling operations will continue as sensors with local digitization and processing continue to be deployed. 

Securing Generation 2035

New technology and the energy transition is transforming the roles and skills needed in the global oil and gas industry and other energy sectors in the future.

Integrated Tech

The application of new technology is an immovable force across all industries, as companies seek to differentiate, and deliver more efficient customer or shareholder offerings. 

Low Carbon Future

This panel discussion brought together leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities in our quest to forge a sustainable future for our industry, and the world we operate in.


While the digital transformation of industries is not a new concept, oil and gas has been slow to adopt and prone to opting for proof of concept or small-scale digital deployments. 


Many energy companies look to modernisation opportunities to disconnect from the commodity cycle. Automation is a key enabler but is slow to be adopted in O&G.


Other than livery, décor and seating configurations, every commercial airline model is virtually identical to its counterpart across the industry, including safety features. 


This session explored the different opportunities have been created, the approaches to solving problems and how these could be used in the future and/or what the future holds.

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